Associate Broker

Associate Broker

Lily Wu

Lily’s experience in real estate investing and interior design are fortunate assets to her International Clientele. Born and raised in Taiwan, Lily grew up in her family’s residential development business, Wan Tai Yong Construction Co, recognized for building quality homes with integrity and care throughout the Dajia area. Under the guidance of her family, real estate and design have become an integral part of Lily’s life. She went on to earn her Interdisciplinary Visual Art degree from the University of Washington and MBA degree from Seattle University.

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English, Lily strives to integrate her education, parents’ philosophy, and personal passions into her real estate career. She enjoys exploring authentic restaurants around the Puget Sound area on her bike and is dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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买方代表 | 地产经纪人

品萱带着对建筑美学的喜爱、室内设计的经验与房地产投资的热情来到冯德堡房地产国际销售部门,期许为客户做最好的服务与建议。品萱来自台湾,家族经营知名建设公司 - 万泰雍建设,以用心打造高品质住宅为口碑。在從小的耳濡目染之下,房地产和建筑美学对品萱来说已成为生活中不可或缺的一部分。她毕业于华盛顿大学视觉艺术学系,以及西雅图大学企业管理研究所,精通中英文与闽南语。在硕士毕业之后即投入房地产领域,将所学、兴趣及理念投入于工作之中,以房地产服务为人生目标。闲暇之余,品萱热衷于健身及健康的生活型态,她喜欢骑着脚踏车探索大西雅图地区道地的美食。